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Life! She goes!

Time is flying by rapidly. Summer is almost 25% over — which means I’m getting closer to going home to the dogs, the kitty, and the Caity. Not too much to report, but I thought peeps might like to see what my month has looked like thus far. Check out the pics & Youtube vid below to see what I’ve been up to!

Life keeps plugging along…

Where to begin? Exams are over. April is over. But many things are just beginning and time is plentiful. On the third, for some reason or another, I had to drive myself to Calgary… again. I enjoy my job, but I don’t really enjoy the situation. I like being home with Caity and the animals. I miss them both pretty substantially. What do I miss most, after the lady and the beasts? The espresso machine. My god do I ever miss that thing.

But enough about the espressos I don’t get to drink for a while — there’ll be many more to come. Calgary actually isn’t a very bad place to hang out — at least it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t still winter over here. Actually — maybe it’s not Calgary’s fault. Maybe the blame is to be laid upon Kelowna, for getting me prematurely ready for summer. It was 27.5 degrees outside on Thursday, and also very nice on Friday. When I drove to Calgary on Saturday, I was greeted by temperatures dropping to -3, and (albeit light) snow that has gone pretty steadily.

The snow isn’t exactly getting me pumped up and motivated for my Whistler Halfie training, but I think I’m going to have to man the fuck up and brave the cold (I feel like a sissy — or a Texan — for calling -3 degrees cold) and get my run on. I went for a bit of a jaunt today, and it was nothing special. That’ll change once I get back into a rhythm though, and I think starting work tomorrow morning will help add some structure and routine to my days.

Besides (not) running, I’ve been keeping busy with some rock climbing. The gym here is actually pretty rad — two really neat ceiling mounted bouldering areas upstairs (see the short clip in the video), with climbing up to 13m high on the ground floor, and some weights/stretching equipment in the basement (complete with gymnastics rings hanging from the ceiling, and something similar, but instead of rings, there’s rough orbs to work on grip strength). So I’m actually pretty pumped up about the gym. I bought a one-month membership today, and that came with a free beginners lesson that more or less outline the basics of some of the equipment (harnesses, belay gear, etc…) and how to use them properly and safely. I think I like bouldering more, because it’s simpler, and it seems to me to be much more difficult in terms of problem solving and strength, but I also think it would be rad to do some taller sport climbing — so I do think I’ll get geared up with that stuff too. I think that’s about all I have to say.

Actually wait. I also started that “Capital in the 21st Century book” — I’m not very far into it yet, but it already has me interested. Gonna start reading at the end of the night instead of cruising reddit and youtube. Economics, bouldering, running, yoga and dancing. Life ain’t so bad.   Check out some pictures and videos from the drive and my first couple days in Cow Town.