Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Tricked Us, by Michael Moss

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Tricked Us, by Michael Moss was a fascinating book to read. What I found most interesting in this book was the fact that, while I came into this book knowing that processed foods are obviously processed and not very good for you – I didn’t really think about it very often. This book helped change that. Maybe just by the act of consciously reading an entire book oriented around the three pillars of processed foods, or maybe the content of the book really struck me – but I’ve already started looking at foods differently.

I’ve been trying to eat healthily for some time now. Before reading this book, I’ve stopped drinking sodas, started exercising, and stopped eating as MUCH crap as before – and all that has helped me lean up and drop about 30 pounds. Salt Sugar Fat talks a lot about nutritional aspects of these three components, and about how bad they are. It also, fascinatingly, talks about the science behind making people crave these ingredients – through focus groups, calculated bliss points, and scientific studies – we are hooked on what’s not good for us. Too much salt causes hypertension and increases our chance of heart problems. Sugar messes with our bodies in a whole host of ways, from diabetes to addiction, and our bodies love it. The issue with fat was mostly centered around caloric intakes and energy expenditure imbalance, except for the case of saturated fats, which again, cause heart issues.

For anyone interested in nutrition and health, this is a cool book to read. Or if you’re interested in finding out about how food processing giants have meticulously figured out how to capture/hook/tantalize us, and are locked with one another in a capitalistic death spiral towards higher profits and higher sugar/fat/salt loads, then I would also recommend you give Salt Sugar Fat a once over.

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