The Fields!

So today I wanted to take the dogs out for a hike, but it was way too hot — they would have died out there. So instead, I ventured out into the wilderness by my onesies and checked out the boulder fields. The boulder fields are about 12km south of Kelowna, and that shit blew my mind. This was my first experience with any outdoor climbing, and even though I barely did anything (I didn’t have any crash pads, or a spotter in the event that I hurt myself) I had a lot of fun. Outdoor climbing is a completely different beast compared to practicing indoors at the gym — and I can’t wait to go back for more.

The boulder fields ( )is this rad area where it looks like the ground just collapsed, leaving this crumbled area full of boulders (ranging from the size of a large person, to a city bus, to a bigass house) and with vertical walls surrounding the area. I plan out buying a couple harnesses and some rope to try doing the higher climbs that are bolted to some of these faces out here. For now though, I just need to get some crash pads and some motivated buddies. Check out the pics!

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